Kaya Childcare Center

Kaya ChildCare is a social enterprise aimed at reducing the health & security risks faced by babies and infants of Kayayoo in markets in Accra; we do this by providing access to quality Early Childhood education for the infants.

Every year, thousands of women and young girls migrate from Ghana’s poorer north to the major cities of the south in search of a better life. Due to a shortage of employment and their very limited skills, these female migrants work as head porters (known as kayayoo), spending their days carrying heavy loads for travellers and shoppers to earn an income. These girls, as young as 16years old have babies and infants who get caught in the harsh conditions out in the open markets where their mothers live and work. They live their first 3 to 5 years of life either strapped on the backs of their mothers or left outside on a cardboard box all day with little to no attention while their mothers work for their livelihood.

The focus of this project was to create engaging posts and content over a 30 day period to detail the activities of Kaya Childcare Center and create awareness of it to local kayayei within Madina in Accra, Ghana.

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