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4 Social Media Trends to Leverage in 2022

4 Social Media Trends to Leverage in 2022

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Emerging last year and remaining strong in 2022, powerful trends are shaking up the landscape of social media. A lot’s changing from viral “snackable” video content to creators dropping filters and getting real on social media.

Keep reading to explore some of the hottest trends guiding social media this year.

1. “Reel” Content

Video will lead social media trends in 2022.

Performing 10x better than text posts, videos easily capture the increasingly shortening attention span of consumers.

Have you noticed Instagram heavily promoting reels across the app? Following the momentum of TikTok’s success, most social platforms are building dedicated spaces to encourage video content.


Today’s algorithms support video content the most, actually boosting engagement! While engagement on the average post drops after 15 minutes – 48 hours (depending on the platform), videos are continually resurfacing and grabbing attention months later.

Leverage this trend by creating short “snackable” video content when possible, incorporating the most popular sound clips and hashtags.

2. Social commerce

More and more, consumers are looking to influencers to guide their purchasing decisions, so why not simplify the process?

Social media is set to become a virtual mall enabling the full checkout experience all in one place. Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are a few platforms already prioritizing social commerce from product discovery to post-purchase support. At the same time, leading marketers anticipate augmented reality (AR) will strongly influence consumer interactions with products and brands.

Leverage this trend by ensuring your e-commerce processes are as efficient as possible, and ready to meet the growing demand from social commerce.


3. Real connections

Share the faces behind your brand in 2022.

This year marketing goals will shift from securing product/service sales to building new audiences and developing real connections with consumers. Brand awareness leading to loyalty retention will continue to influence marketing goals.

Leverage this trend by showing off your team’s personality behind the brand. Prioritize trendy content using creative methods such as memes, gifs, and live videos. The most engaging brands know how to present a more down-to-earth relatable side with sillier content on TikTok, while staying true to their values and mission.

4. Real Talk

Expect a resurgence of diversity and inclusion conversations, as users hold brands more accountable. Equally important, mental health will continue to have support with creators discussing the importance of self-care and setting digital boundaries to prevent burnout.

Instagram is currently trialing a “Take a Break” feature to encourage users to limit screen time.

Approaching social media with a more authentic lens, creators and brands will focus their efforts on showing their human side and building meaningful networks.

We should always prioritize talking about diversity, inclusion, and mental health, and create supportive spaces on social media. When leveraging social media trends and planning your content calendars, keep these topics in mind.

While there are always more trends and hot topics springing up on social media, we hope this helps prepare you to take on the year! 

Are there any other trends you expect to take over in 2022 or 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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