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3 ways to improve your search presence locally.

3 ways to improve your search presence locally.

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There are people looking for your business now, do you know how to make sure they find your business? 76% of people who search for a nearby business visit one within 24 hours with 28% of these visits ending with a purchase.

What happens when your business is not showing up in search engine results? You may need to update the keywords you are using. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are a couple of ways to go about this. 

  1. You can update your advertising keywords. If you are using ad generators or other external ad management platforms, then you can update or rearrange which words you are using to describe your business. Think about how your customers will search for the products or services you offer. On most ad management platforms, there are ways of adding new or editing existing keywords, seeing how often people are looking for certain keywords and weighing particular keywords if they are bringing you more business, searches or even just clicks. If you would like help and more details on how to change your keywords, contact us. 
  2. The second option is if you do not have online advertisements or an ad management site you are using you will have to do the search engine optimization yourself. This is how we recommend you do this. 
    1. Using keyword generators you can look up local keywords or successful field-specific words. Write down any that apply to your business, services and/or products. 
    2. Using those keywords see what types of businesses come up. See what kind of words your competitors are using. Keyword generators often let you look up URLs and see what keywords come up for those businesses. 
    3. Once you have a list of keywords, think about what area your business is located and where your customers are coming from. Lots of people look for local businesses. Do not worry if the keywords you want to use have low search numbers. This may be because your product or service is very niche and that you offer a specialized product. 
    4. Now that you have recognized the words that you would like to identify your business and the terms customers are searching for when looking for your type of business, then you will start implementing them. You will include these words all over your website and other places where your business is online. In headlines, titles, META tags, URLs, alt image descriptions and content. 


Lots of business owners focus on Google search keywords but it is important that there are other ways that customers can find your business. Whether that is using another search engine, like Bing or review platforms or even local maps or directories. Some people will even look at news articles that cover what your business is doing. Do not discount these other platforms, 88% of people are likely to trust online reviews. Be conscious of where your business is being viewed and how people are searching for your business. Mainly what words they are using! 



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