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How Mobile Apps & Mobile Services Can Transform Your Business & Brand

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Mobile devices are the most widely used technological tools in today’s world. Compared to other devices, mobile phones are more portable and can connect to the web from anywhere. People are always browsing the internet to find products and services. If your business has an online presence, how can you harness the power of this widely used technology to reach more customers in your locality? To get started, make sure customers can find your business online using any device and have a good experience when they visit your website.


Ensure your business website is mobile-responsive first. Because different devices have different screens, website appearance and functionality vary across these platforms. In today’s world, more than a billion people primarily access the Web from mobile devices. In Ghana alone, there are about 44.9 million mobile users. Having a mobile-friendly website means mobile phone users can view a version of your website on their phones and have a better mobile user experience. Adjusting your website for today’s web user, provide key information by simply putting your business name, phone number and a link to a map where it is easier for visitors to find. When your site is coded from scratch, use CSS technology to create a website that auto-adjust to display properly on all devices including mobile devices. Finally, run regular tests of the website on different mobile devices.


Most websites built today use already built themes and templates from sites such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace.

Mobile responsive websites are important because, according to Google’s marketing strategies, >50% of web traffic comes from smartphones.

Make use of the GPS features found in mobile phones to grow your local visibility. GPS tracking devices work by sending out radio signals and connecting to those satellites to determine the location of a person or object using geographic positioning. Mobile phones have built-in GPS. This technology can be used to improve your business’s local visibility by including your contact information on your website making it easier for search engines to pull up your website when a customer within your locality searches for a business like yours. Using GPS, customers can get directions to your shop.


Build a mobile app for your business. For some businesses, unlike websites, mobile apps can be a much more reliable, personalized and convenient way to meet customer needs and expectations. For example, retail shops can make good use of mobile apps to make sure their goods and services are more accessible. Although, in some cases, not all customers would like to download an app (for such customers, make sure your website is up to scratch).  


Additionally, providing quality content on your website can also help search engines rank you in organic searches every time someone searches for a business like yours. Writing quality and relevant contents include the following;

Research words your clients are likely to use when looking for a product or service like yours online. You can also use Google’s Adwords product called keywords that can optimize your site.

Publish compelling blogs that provide quality information to your readers and/or customers. Doing so will position you as a thought leader in your field of business. Make sure to update the content frequently to stay relevant. 


63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps offer them relevant recommendations on products they may be interested in. Ultimately, mobile marketing is constantly evolving; embrace it and your business will stay well ahead of the curve.


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