At Soronko Business Solutions Center our priority is to see  your business grow with us. We provide professional solutions to all your business needs. Our services include Website Development and Design, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Printing, Photocopying & Passport Printing.

The JourneY

The Soronko Rotary Business Solution Center was launched on 9th September 2020 on the Soronko Academy premises as part of the Rotary Soronko Girls Coding Project. The Soronko Rotary Business Solutions Center is a practical training space where participants of the Rotary Soronko Girls Coding Project upon completion of their Digital skills program would intern for a set period of time gaining industry skills in industry fields such as web design and development, digital marketing, social media management, software development and more.

Over the years the center has trained several women that have transitioned into full time employment.